Efficiency Mailing Tips For Colleges

When a student checks a box on one of the college-readiness standardized tests that says that they would like to receive mail from colleges, colleges that have requested information on students whose demographics match target will receive his or her mailing information and start to send him or her mail. If you work in a college admissions office, you know how much mail your university sends out each day and how it can hamper your overall efficiency. Here are some efficiency mailing tips for colleges in order to contact the greatest number of students in the shortest time possible for the lowest cost.

1. Print Postage in the Office

One of the easiest ways to reduce the overall costs of the amount of money you are spending on your mailings is to not deal with paying for postage at the post office or at all. You can sign up for online services that will allow you to pay for postage ahead of time and then print it out. This postage will be recognized by the post office as valid and you will be able to send out your mail without a hitch.

2. Purchase Envelopes Whose Cost Includes Postage

A second option is to purchase a set of envelopes that already have the postage paid for. These envelopes are purchased from the post office directly and have an area in the corner that simply says that the postage has already been paid. This will allow your office to avoid having to individually put postage on each of the pieces of mail and send them out more quickly.

3. Get a Mailing Machine

Your last option for cutting down on the time and energy that you spend on sending out mailings about your college is to purchase a mailing machine. A mailing machine is excellent for all kinds of mail, but especially for glossy brochures that don't necessarily have an envelope. In order to use the mailing machine, you take the stacks of mail that you have that need postage to be added. Then, you feed them into the machine. The machine applies the postage for you in the correct location that you set ahead of time and spits out a brochure or other piece of mail that is ready to be sent to the post office. If you have enough mail, you can even schedule a pickup, rather than taking them to the post office yourself.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in postage solutions for colleges and universities.